Hands, face, or body.  Make your skin glow with this perfect pairing of our shea soap based coffee bar and a coffee scrub like no other.

4oz coffee scrub and coffee soap bar

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  • Get your daily caffeine fix with keepit|CLEAN coffee scrub and coffee soap bar pairing (soap bar is full size, apoximately 5oz ).  The caffine in the soap is sure to be the eye opener of your day while the high moisture of the shea butter base is nourishing and moisturizing.  The coffee in the scrub is ground to a specific grain in order to be potent on the body yet gentle enough for your face. The grapeseed oil will leave your skin supple and renewed, but not greasy feeling with its added minerals found in its purest form. Has raw sugar and walnut powder included as well, with its own variety of benefits, to create the perfect coffee scrub.  The notes of lavender, sweet orange are all therapeutic grade and smell as good as they are for you.


    What makes this coffee scrub unique? The beans we source are a part of fair trade.  They have 20-27% higher caffeine content then your average bean; resulting in better results after use.  The size of the ground is custom for the scrub allowing for use on more body parts -acting as both a polisher and exfoliator.

  • In order to protect the integrity and qualty of the products, we do not accept returns.  However, we strive to make each experience a pleasant one, so please reach out if you have any concerns upon receiving your order.