All bars are hand cut and vary slighty in weight.  Each bar is aproximately 5oz. 

Oatmeal/ Shea blend soap bar

  • Indulge yourself in a bit of luxury with this oatmeal/ shea blend, notes of peppermint, orange, and lemongrass throughout. Oatmeal has a history of being healing and soothes skin irritation such as those that comes with acne, eczema, and dermatitis- and yet works equally wonderfully on all skin types and body parts. Shea butter has a history of being nourishing, soothing, having anti inflammatory properties and is high in vitamin E, A, and C. These act as antioxidants for the skin to help stop negative effects of harmful free radicals and has a high moisture content.

    Pairs perfect with our peppermint salt scrub!

  • In order to protect the integrity and qualty of the products, we do not accept returns.  However, we strive to make each experience a pleasant one, so please reach out if you have any concerns upon receiving your order.